Upper West Region

upper_west_ghana_districtsThe Upper West Region is situated in the north-western part of Ghana. It lies between longitude 1 25’’ W and 2 45’’ and latitudes 9 30’’ N and 11 N. It is bordered to the south by the Northern region, to the north and West by Burkina Faso, to the east by the Upper East region. It covers a geographical area of 18.476 sq. km, which constitutes 12.7 percent of the total land area of Ghana. The population density ranges from 13 per square kilometre in the Sissala districts to 97 per square kilometre in the Lawra district, with a regional average of 33 per square kilometre.

There is strong socio-cultural relationship among the border communities and an extensive inter-boundary mobility of people. This has health implications in terms of disease epidemiology, health service utilisation and management.