Brong Ahafo Handpump data per area council

This page shows an overview of the total number of handpumps, the percentage of functional handpumps and the percentage of service provided by handpumps in each area council in the Brong Ahafo Region. The level of service provided by handpumps has been assessed against the national standards for water quantity, and water- quality, distance from users, the maximum number of people per handpump (as an indication for crowding), and the reliability of the water services. Handpumps which meet the standards for all five service level indicators are considered to provide basic services.

The interactive table below allows you to filter the data by district or area council. You can also filter on functionality and providing basic services by entering a number range on the bottom of the table. You can also print, download (CSV, PDF or Excel) or copy you filtered data with the option on top op the table. At the bottom of the page you can also see how many datarows there are and if you have a filter applied the number of rows that you have selected. Underneath the table there are two charts that are visualising the percentage functional and providing basic service per area council.